No Wipes - Offline Raid Protection

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-XP: 1.5
-Gather: 2x
-Tame: 5x
-Maturing: 10x
-Breeding Intervals: 0.1
-Egg hatch: 7x
-Dino Tribe limit: 300
-Max Wild Dino Level: 150
-Corpse Locator: Enabled
-Unlimited Respecs
-Gamma is adjustable
-2x Turret Damage to compensate for increased breeding rates and S+
-All rest is default

Offline Raid Protection kicks in after an hour of a tribe being logged off. 

Currently as there is a lot of casual players, there is no building decay if you there is something that is in the way. Please post the coords and tribe name into the Support channel on discord


-Structures Plus (S+)
-Platform Plus
-Kaetokid's Stack Mod
-Super Spy Glass