Welcome to Spitfire Cluster

Spitfire Cluster is a small but growing community with players from around the world. We are currently running 2 clusters, Primal Fear PvP 10x and Vanilla Modded ARK.

Primal Fear modded cluster featuring 2 servers, 10x on most rates and basic QoL mods. Starting out can be quite a challenge.

A Vanilla style cluster with 8 servers, these are low rates with Offline
Raid Protection, and balanced QoL mods to allow solo and tribes of any
size enjoy progression without too much of a grind.

New Zealand Based Servers

Low ping servers for New Zealand and Australia players

100% Uptime

100% uptime servers, with hourly backups to ensure no loss of progress

Cross Server Chat

Chat between each server from in game and also in discord


Discord which has active admins, support and a growing community to group up with

Fast Hardware

Our servers run on fast hardware and SSD's, no lag with high rate PvP harvesting

Latest Updates

Servers are checking for the lastest game and mod updates.